Loma - Loma [Clear Vinyl] (LP)

Loma [Clear Vinyl]
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Loma'€™s enigmatic debut feels beautifully adrift in time and space. It'€™s an album that takes you to a place you'€™ve never been, with a rare confidence in the strength of its own vision.

Though it was recorded off a dirt road in rural Texas, there'€™s no hint of country here: from the first airy notes of Who is Speaking? to the decaying choir of Black Willow, Loma create a hypnotic world of their own, where rustling leaves, fuzzed-out basses, panting dogs, prepared pianos and a wilderness of percussion form a backdrop for Emily Cross'€™s translucent voice. She'€™s a steady, clear-eyed presence throughout, even among the heart-pounding pulses of Relay Runner, the skittering drums of Dark Oscillations and the galloping release of Joy; in sparer songs like Shadow Relief and the haunting I Don'€™t Want Children, she's a fearless ally, swimming calmly with you against a powerful undertow.

This limited edition LP format is pressed on clear vinyl, and is only available through independent shops such as ourselves.

- LP
- Clear vinyl
- Includes download


1. Who is Speaking?
2. Dark Oscillations
3. Joy
4. I Don'€™t Want Children
5. Relay Runner
6. White Glass
7. Sundogs
8. Jornada
9. Shadow Relief
10. Black Widow