Tal National - Tantabara (CD)

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Gearing up for their third album for FatCat, Tal National look back on a fertile period spent further honing their sound and touring the US several times - leaving audiences sweaty and stunned time after time. They'€™ve laid down incredible sets at Womad and Roskilde, bringing the same intensity and jubilance to the festival as they would a crammed club.

At their core, Tal National's intent is to make the people dance. Performances at the Niamey nightclub they run are raucous 5-hour non-stop dance parties for 300 people a night. With Tantabara, the band continue their ongoing quest to translate that energy to tape, bottling the party for personal use.

- CD

1. Tantabara
2. Belles Reines
3. Entente
4. Duniya
5. Akokas
6. Pama
7. Trankil
8. Aminiata