Bring Me the Horizon - 2004 - 2013 (LP)

2004 - 2013
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Bring Me The Horizon are among the biggest bands in modern metal, but back in the early part of the century they were angst-ridden boys and their sound was deathcore. When they formed in 2003, the band played thrashy, breakdown-studded songs influenced by the screaming, slashing sound of American metalcore.

Gradually, the group began incorporating electronic passages, acoustic strumming, ominous keyboards and orchestral elements into their music, and became all the more popular for it. Yet, despite their experimentation, Bring Me The Horizon remained undeniably rooted in metal.

This collection of songs showcases the roots of the band with the best songs from their early releases on Epitaph Records.

- 2LP
- Includes download

1. Traitors Never Play Hang-Man
2. Pray For Plagues
3. Diamonds Aren't Forever
4. The Sadness Will Never End (feat. Sam Carter)
5. Chelsea Smile
6. The Comedown
7. Blessed With A Curse
8. It Never Ends
9. Don't Go (feat. Lights)
10. Crucify Me (feat. Lights)
11. Shadow Moses
12. Go To Hell, For Heaven's Sake
13. Can You Feel My Heart
14. Sleepwalking
15. Antivist