Therion - Beloved Antichrist (CD)

Beloved Antichrist
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When 15-year-old prodigy Christofer Johnsson founded Therion as a death metal band in 1987, little did he know that exactly 30 years later he would put the final touches to a project that will go down in history as symphonic metal'€™s most ambitious release.

While 'rock operas'€™ are no longer an unusual concept, this term will now receive a new meaning when the curtain opens for Johnsson'€™s lifelong creation: Beloved Antichrist is the title of his spectacular brainchild, consisting of three full-length discs. It is more than just a concept album; it'€™s a complete rock opera unveiling a sweeping story inspired by Vladímir Soloviov A Short Tale of the Antichrist.

- 3CD

CD 1:
1. Turn From Heaven
2. Where Will You Go?
3. Through Dust, Through Rain
4. Signs Are Here
5. Never Again
6. Bring Her Home
7. The Solid Black Beyond
8. The Crowning Of Splendour
9. Morning Has Broken
10. Garden Of Peace
11. Our Destiny
12. Anthem
13. The Palace Ball
14. Jewels From Afar
15. Hail Caesar!
16. What Is Wrong?
17. Nothing But My Name

CD 2:
1. The Arrival Of Apollonius
2. Show Me Who You Are
3. Night Reborn
4. Dagger Of God
5. Temple Of New Jerusalem
6. The Lions Roar
7. Bringing The Gospel
8. Laudate Dominum
9. Remaining Silent
10. Behold Antichrist
11. Cursed By The Fallen
12. Resurrection
13. To Where I Weep
14. Astral Sophia
15. Thy Will Be Done!

CD 3:
1. Shoot Them Down!
2. Beneath The Starry Skies
3. Forgive Me
4. The Wasteland Of My Heart
5. Burning The Palace
6. Prelude To War
7. Day Of Wrath
8. Rise To War
9. Time Has Come
10. Final Battle
11. My Voyage Carries On
12. Striking Darkness
13. Seeds Of Time
14. To Shine Forever
15. Theme Of Antichrist