Hacktivist - Outside the Box - SIGNED (CD)

Outside the Box - SIGNED
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Hacktivist are the quintessential modern English band, the uniquely gritty sound of 2016. Taking equal inspiration from the underground grime scene as the more familiar rock world, debut album Outside The Box is an irrepressible blast of riffs, social critique, lancing humour and fire-in-the-pit MCing for a generation born online.

A must for fans and collectors, this CD has been signed by the band - a store exclusive!

1. Our Time (feat. Marlon Hurley)  
2. Hate  
3. Deceive And Defy (feat. Jamie Graham)
4. Taken (feat. Rou Reynolds) 
5. The Storm
6. No Way Back
7. False Idols
8. Rotten (feat. Astroid Boys & Jot Maxi)  
9. Elevate
10. Outside the Box
11. Buszy
12. The Storm II