GoGo Penguin - A Humdrum Star (CD)

A Humdrum Star
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GoGo Penguin'€™s latest album - their second for Blue Note - reveals both native turf and far-flung influences. They evoke the symbiotic flow between bassist Nick Blacka, pianist Chris Illingworth, and drummer Rob Turner, as well as their seasoned relationship with producer and sound engineer Joe Reiser (credited as the 'fourth member'€ of GGP, both on tour and in the studio) and co-producer Brendan Williams. As with previous albums, these tracks stemmed from a love of electronic music, whether collectively developed from '€œsketches'€ written by Rob on DJ/producer tech including Logic and Ableton, or composed on the bass or at the piano.

"€œI think we felt even more liberated on this album - and I think there'€™s more of each of us on it,"€ Nick claims. "€œWe started with this idea of '€˜inner and outer€™,' and opposing things that are essentially the same," says Rob. "€œA lot of the textures and sounds do come from the electronic writing, but Brendan also wanted everything to be made as organically as possible."

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1. Prayer
2. Raven
3. Bardo
4. A Hundred Moons
5. Strid
6. Transient State
7. Return to Text
8. Reactor
9. Window