Tiny Moving Parts - Swell [Clear Vinyl] (LP)

Swell [Clear Vinyl]
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Tiny Moving Parts are back! Following the success of their fourth record Celebrate in 2016, the trio from Benson, Minnesota bring you their brand-new record Swell. The album sees the band build on their sound, mixing impressively complex instrumentation with infectious melody and killer hooks to create a tight, mathy post-hardcore, power pop-punk combination that's difficult to resist.

This limited edition LP is pressed on clear vinyl, and is only available through independent shops such as ourselves.

- LP
- Clear vinyl


1. Applause
2. Smooth It Out
3. Feel Alive
4. Caution
5. Wildfire
6. Whale Watching
7. It's Too Cold Tonight
8. Malfunction
9. Wishbone
10. Warm Hand Splash