Kylie Minogue - Golden [Deluxe] (CD)

Golden [Deluxe]
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"€œNow that I've been to Nashville,"€ Kylie Minogue says with audible affection, "€œI understand. It's like some sort of musical ley-line..."

Golden, Kylie's 14th studio album, is the result of an intensive working trip to the home of country music, a city whose influence lingered on long after the pop legend and her team returned to London to finish the record: "€œWe definitely brought a bit of Nashville back with us,"€ she states. The album is a vibrant hybrid, blending Kylie's familiar pop-dance sound with an unmistakeable Tennessee twang.

This deluxe edition is presented in A5 casebound book packaging, and supplements the album with four bonus tracks.

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1. Dancing
2. Stop Me from Falling
3. Golden
4. A Lifetime To Repair
5. Sincerely Yours
6. One Last Kiss
7. Live A Little
8. Shelby '€™68
9. Radio On
10. Love
11. Raining Glitter
12. Music's Too Sad Without You (feat. Jack Savoretti)
13. Lost Without You
14. Every Little Part Of Me
15. Rollin'€™
16. Low Blow