Eels - The Deconstruction [2LP/CD] (LP Box Set)

The Deconstruction [2LP/CD]
Due on 06/04/2018

We try to avoid favouritism here at Reflex, but I make an exception for Mark Oliver Everett and his merry (*cough*) gang.

It'€™s hard to believe it'€™s been four years since the rather excellent The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett but the group are now on the comeback trail, with their much anticipated 12th album The Deconstruction due this April.

This limited edition box set format features the record in double-LP (pressed on translucent pink vinyl) and CD formats. In addition, the package includes a 28-page lyric booklet, a 12"€ art print, a signed A4 lyric sheet and an E 'tip & strip'€™ pen.

- 2LP/CD
- Translucent pink vinyl
- Includes lyric booklet
- Includes 12" art print
- Includes signed A4 lyric sheet
- Includes '€˜tip & strip'€™ pen

1. The Deconstruction
2. Bone Dry
3. The Quandary
4. Premonition
5. Rusty Pipes
6. The Epiphany
7. Today Is The Day
8. Sweet Scorched Earth
9. Coming Back
10. Be Hurt
11. You Are The Shining Light
12. There I Said It
13. Archie Goodnight
14. The Unanswerable
15. In Our Cathedral