Hookworms - Microshift (LP)

The urgency and viscera - both live and on record - that led Yorkshire-based five-piece Hookworms to prominence across two blistering full length albums, 2013's Pearl Mystic and 2014 follow-up The Hum, remains. However, as they return with their much-anticipated third record Microshift, the band deliver a seismic shift in their sound, dynamic, songwriting and production.

Radiant, immersive and teeming with light but still heavy and forceful, the music on the new LP acts as a very deliberate counter to some of the difficult topics its lyrics address - ranging from death, disease, heartbreak, body image and even natural disaster. Hookworms have pulled off a triumph against adversity, a comeback with what they may see as a 'Microshift'€™ but is in fact a massive advancement.

- LP
- 180g vinyl
- Includes download

1. Negative Space
2. Static Resistance
3. Ullswater
4. The Soft Season
5. Opener
6. Each Time We Pass
7. Boxing Day
8. Reunion
9. Shortcomings