Madfilth - Madfilth (LP)

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From the pumping heart of The Magnetic System comes the 'dirtiest'€™ Da-Da-dancefloor anti-jams with this lost 1979 blueprint of Italian conceptual cosmic disco played by the cream of the Goblin studio band. Ultra-rare and unscrubbed, Finders Keepers finally snip the trip from the cash machine to the trash machine.

Fans of 'other'€™ obtuse outernational agit-camp might find a fantasy fusion between France'€™s JP Massiera and Sweden'€™s enviroMENTAL marvel Kaptain Zoom while trying to unravel the Madfilth tangle - but rest assured there were method men behind this madness and a portal to Italian funk royalty still festers at the bottom of the psych rap scrapheap.

- LP

1. Madfilth
2. Nuclear In
3. Gulp It
4. Se
5. Inquinamento
6. Mad Strip
7. Voglio Un Cugino
8. Libert
9. Io Sono Voi