Franz Ferdinand - Always Ascending [Pink Vinyl] (LP)

Always Ascending [Pink Vinyl]
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Forget everything you think you know about Franz Ferdinand. Always Ascending is nothing short of a rebirth. The album'€™s 10 songs are a triumphant recasting of one of everyone'€™s favourite groups, bursting with fresh ideas and vigorous sonic experimentation.

There have been substitutions but the team are playing stronger than ever. In case you missed the announcement last year, Nick McCarthy (guitar) left to raise his family and Julian Corrie, a much-loved figure in the Glasgow music scene, joined core members Alex Kapranos, Bob Hardy and Paul Thomson.

With reclusive producer Philippe Zdar (Cassius, Phoenix, Beastie Boys), Franz Ferdinand have taken a knife to their old canvas, creating an album that is so foreign in its familiarity it could only be current.

This limited edition LP is pressed on pink vinyl, and features an 8-page booklet and a 24"€ x 24"€ fold-out poster. It'€™s only available through independent shops such as ourselves, so don'€™t dither!

- LP
- Pink vinyl
- Includes booklet
- Includes poster
- Includes download


1. Always Ascending
2. Lazy Boy
3. Paper Cages
4. Finally
5. The Academy Award
6. Lois Lane
7. Huck And Jim
8. Glimpse Of Love
9. Feel The Love Go
10. Slow Don't Kill Me Slow