Field Music - Open Here [Transparent Vinyl] (LP)

Open Here [Transparent Vinyl]
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The two years since Field Music'€™s last album, Commontime€™, have been strange and turbulent. If you thought the world made some kind of sense, you may have questioned yourself a few times in the past two years. It'€™s that questioning, that erosion of faith - in people, in institutions, in shared experience - that runs through every song on Open Here.

The brothers'€™ studio, on the banks of the River Wear, became a sanctuary away from everything political and personal, a cocoon of creativity. Conversely, making the album became an alternative way to connect to people, with a wide array of musicians invited to leave their mark, notably Sarah Hayes on flute and piccolo, Liz Corney on vocals, Pete Fraser on saxophone, Simon Dennis on trumpet and flugelhorn, a Cornshed Sisters choir and the regular string quartet of Ed Cross, Jo Montgomery, Chrissie Slater and Ele Leckie. The result is a record that is bigger in scale and grander than anything Field Music have done before.

This limited edition LP format is pressed on transparent vinyl, and is only available through independent shops such as ourselves.

- LP
- Transparent vinyl
- Includes download


1. Time In Joy
2. Count It Up
3. Front Of House
4. Share A Pillow
5. Open Here
6. Goodbye To The Country
7. Checking On A Message
8. No King No Princess
9. Cameraman
10. Daylight Saving
11. Find A Way To Keep Me