Various Artists - Soul on the Real Side, Vol. 8 (CD)

Soul on the Real Side, Vol. 8
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This special commemorative edition in the Soul on the Real Side series celebrates the life of Francis Terry Thomas (aka Mr Tee). Among the goods are new-to-CD soul tracks courtesy of Jay and the Techniques, R B Hudmon and Major Lance, as well as the previously unreleased Standing Room Only, a demo originally intended for Ralph Carter as a follow-up to When You'€™re Young and in Love.

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1. Overdose Of Joy - Eugene Record
2. Save Your Love For Me - Vivian Reed
3. Touching And Caring - Nina Simone
4. Am I The Same Girl (Soulful Strut) - Salena
5. I'd Like To See More Of You - The Mob
6. You Ain't Sayin' Nothin' New - Virgil Henry
7. Sad Girl - Carol Anderson
8. How Could You Break My Heart - Bobby Womack
9. Come Back Strong - Sam Dees
10. It Really Hurts Me Girl (Tom Moulton Mix) - The Carstairs
11. Number Onederful - Jay And The Techniques
12. Midnight Affair - Sandra Wright
13. Standing Room Only - Helene & The Brookside Orchestra
14. This Could Be The Night - R B Hudmon
15. How Can You Say Goodbye (To Somebody Who's In Love With You) - Major Lance
16. I Come Running Back - Sandra Wright
17. Promise To Myself - Tony Borders
18. Take This Hurt Off Me - Big John Hamilton
19. What've I Done (To Make You Mad) - Linda Jones
20. I'm On My Way To A Better Place - Chairman Of The Board