They Might Be Giants - I LIke Fun (CD)

I LIke Fun
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They Might Be Giants are back! The Brooklyn originals can’t stop and won'€™t stop, with 2018 already destined to be one of their most magnificent and productive years to date. 35 years into their epic career, this January sees the release of their brand new album I Like Fun, a 15-track effort produced with and mixed by Patrick Dillett (St. Vincent, David Byrne, Mary J. Blige, The National, Donald Fagen) and recorded at Reservoir Studios.

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1. Let's Get This Over With
2. I Left My Body
3. All Time What
4. By The Time You Get This
5. An Insult To The Fact Checkers
6. Mrs. Bluebeard
7. I Like Fun
8. Push Back The Hands
9. This Microphone
10. The Bright Side
11. When The Light Comes On
12. Lake Monsters
13. McCafferty's Bib
14. The Greatest
15. Last Wave