Orphan Colours - All on Red (CD)

All on Red
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When UK alt country outfit ahab went on indefinite hiatus, songwriter Steven Llewellyn decided to form his own band with the help of ahab originator Dave Burn and former bassist Graham Knight. Orphan Colours was born!

Being firmly a part of the London Americana scene facilitated collaborations with members of bands like Danny & the Champions of the World, whose drummer Steve Brookes, already having toured heavily with ahab, quickly became a permanent member of the band, along with Fred Abbott, formerly lead guitarist with Noah & the Whale.

- CD

1. Start Of Something
2. High Hopes
3. Goodnight California
4. Loving Kind
5. Waiting
6. Lonely Lately
7. Sun Is Rising
8. Renegade
9. Sarah
10. Inside Out
11. Rambling Rose