David Byrne - American Utopia (CD)

American Utopia
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American Utopia fits hand-in-hand with David Byrne's Reasons to Be Cheerful - an ongoing series of hopeful writings, photos, music, and lectures - named after the song by the late Ian Dury. Over the past year, Byrne has been collecting stories, news, ideas, and other items that all either embody or identify examples of things that inspire optimism, such as a tech breakthrough, a musical act, a new idea in urban planning or transportation -€“ something seen, heard, or tasted. Just as the album questions the current state of society while offering solace through song, the content of the series recognizes the darkness and complexity of today while showcasing alternatives to the despair that threatens us.

Discussing the new record, Byrne says: "€œThese songs don't describe an imaginary or possibly impossible place but rather attempt to depict the world we live in now. Many of us, I suspect, are not satisfied with that world - the world we have made for ourselves. We look around and we ask ourselves - well, does it have to be like this? Is there another way? These songs are about that looking and that asking."€

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1. I Dance Like This
2. Gasoline And Dirty Sheets
3. Every Day Is A Miracle
4. Dog'€™s Mind
5. This Is That
6. It'€™s Not Dark Up Here
7. Bullet
8. Doing The Right Thing
9. Everybody'€™s Coming To My House
10. Here