Chastity - Chains (12" Single)

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Channelling the feeling of youth on the fringe, Chastity focus on the earnest connections found amongst the pent up suburban blue-collar. Living in Whitby Ontario, Brandon Williams creates music in a space of urgency, melody and chaos - an artifact of youth culture that bridges isolation and collectivity.

Chains is a brief but loaded EP that takes the bull by the horns. Each track is crafted with the very mindfulness Williams finds so essential. It'€™s a level of creative intent that has defined Chastity since the project'€™s inception, but is perhaps most palpable to date on Chains - a progression in intensity resulting more from a rapidly changing world than the artist himself. Williams explains, "When I'€™m drawn to write I'€™m either sad or I am pissed. The world has changed since writing my last release, and both the sad and pissed feelings have since increased."

- 12"

1. Manning Hill
2. Chains
3. Flesh
4. Institution
5. Popular Belief