To Kill a King - The Spiritual Dark Age [Purple Vinyl] (LP)

The Spiritual Dark Age [Purple Vinyl]
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Produced by Gethin Pearson and the keyboard player Ben Jackson, The Spiritual Dark Age is London quintet To Kill a King'€™s third album, and the follow-up to 2015'€™s critically acclaimed eponymous LP.

"The Spiritual Dark Age is the last three years of my life painstakingly distilled into 40 minutes of music,"€ says frontman Ralph Pelleymounter. "€œIt has ballads for my single friends watching everyone else gradually pair off, and deities and fables getting drunk in bars. It has moments of anger and disgust at characters like Peter Popoff and their parasitic feeding of the most vulnerable people, and it has folk songs about two gods who’d rather burn down the world than admit they still love each other. But hopefully, in amongst the chaos and darker tales, it has an underlying message that compassion being such a beautiful and complex thing may just save the day."

This limited edition LP is pressed on purple vinyl, and is only available through independent shops such as ourselves.

- LP
- Purple vinyl


1. Spiritual Dark Age
2. The Unspeakable Crimes of Peter Popoff
3. Compassion Is a German Word
4. Cherry Blossom Falls
5. No More Love Songs
6. Oh Joy
7. The Good Old Days
8. The One With the Jackals
9. I Used to Work Here, Perhaps You Did Too?
10. My God & Your God
11. Bar Fights
12. And Yet...