Skids - Burning Cities [Red Vinyl] (LP)

Burning Cities [Red Vinyl]
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Four decades after they formed - in the white-hot summer of 1977 - The Skids are back. The post-punk pioneers, currently on a hugely successful comeback tour, are preparing to unveil fifth album, Burning Cities, a record which reunites founder members Richard Jobson (vocals) and Bill Simpson (bass) with Mike Baillie (drums). Stepping in for the late Stuart Adamson is his long-time Big Country band mate Bruce Watson. Additional guitar duties are provided by Jamie Watson.

"œI'm incredibly excited about this album," Jobson says. "€œThis music is at the heart of everything our band is about: truth, revolution, loud guitars and a refusal to keep quiet as the establishment tries to smother chances for anyone other than its own."€

This limited edition LP is pressed on red vinyl, and is only available through independent shops such as ourselves.

- LP
- Red vinyl


1. This Is Our World
2. One Last Chance
3. Kaputt
4. A World On Fire
5. Burning Cities
6. Up On The Moors
7. Refugee
8. Subbotnik
9. Kings Of The New World Order
10. Into The Void
11. Desert Dust