Avatar - Avatar Country (LP)

Avatar Country
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People of Earth! Avatar Country is blessing you by opening its borders to the world! Glory to our King!

Avatar the band, featuring His Royal Highness the King and his elite backing orchestra are preparing to release their seventh full length, Avatar Country. The record contains the expected superior examples of how metal should and must sound today and for all eternity. Plus, also included is a new rendition of our national anthem and audio recordings from some of the finest moments of the King's history of public speaking.

- LP

1. Glory to Our King
2. Legend of the King
3. The King Welcomes You to Avatar Country
4. King's Harvest
5. The King Wants You
6. The King Speaks
7. A Statue of the King
8. King After King
9. Silent Songs of the King Pt. 1: Winter Comes When the King Dreams of Snow
10. Silent Songs of the King Pt. 2: The King's Palace