Dream Wife - Dream Wife [Coloured Vinyl] (LP)

Dream Wife [Coloured Vinyl]
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Since forming in 2015 as a college art school project, Dream Wife - a name chosen as commentary on society'€™s objectification of women - have become one of the foremost up-and-coming bands in the UK.

When it comes to their sound, Dream Wife worships at the twin altars of David Bowie and Madonna. A scene unto themselves, their gigs are a riot of handmade props and stage sets that cover everything from space beaches to haunted graveyards, while their finely tuned show is the product of extreme DIY beginnings. It'€™s the songs too that make the shows, from the fiery fury of FUU, to the new wave politico-pop of Somebody, and euphoric old school indie hit Fire. These are songs in the classic mould -€“ big, beautiful and crazily catchy. And, of course, there'€™s the three dynamic women at the band's core. Get ready to fall under Dream Wife'€™s spell.

This limited edition LP is pressed on transparent vinyl with blood splatters. It'€™s only available through independent shops such as ourselves, so don'€™t dither!

- LP
- Transparent vinyl with blood splatters


1. Let's Make Out
2. Somebody
3. Fire
4. Hey Heartbreaker
5. Love Without Reason
6. Kids
7. Taste
8. Act My Age
9. Right Now
10. Spend the Night
11. F.U.U.