Dream Wife - Dream Wife (LP)

Dream Wife
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Since forming in 2015 as a college art school project, Dream Wife - a name chosen as commentary on society'€™s objectification of women - have become one of the foremost up-and-coming bands in the UK.

When it comes to their sound, Dream Wife worships at the twin altars of David Bowie and Madonna. A scene unto themselves, their gigs are a riot of handmade props and stage sets that cover everything from space beaches to haunted graveyards, while their finely tuned show is the product of extreme DIY beginnings. It'€™s the songs too that make the shows, from the fiery fury of FUU, to the new wave politico-pop of Somebody, and euphoric old school indie hit Fire. These are songs in the classic mould -€“ big, beautiful and crazily catchy. And, of course, there'€™s the three dynamic women at the band's core. Get ready to fall under Dream Wife'€™s spell.

- LP


1. Let's Make Out
2. Somebody
3. Fire
4. Hey Heartbreaker
5. Love Without Reason
6. Kids
7. Taste
8. Act My Age
9. Right Now
10. Spend the Night
11. F.U.U.