Xylouris White - Mother (CD)

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A passion for exploration comes naturally to Xylouris White, the ruggedly visionary duo formed of Cretan lute player George Xylouris and revered Australian drummer Jim White. For their debut album, 2014'€™s Goats, Xylouris White compared themselves to the titular animals, wandering fearlessly through rough-hewn terrain. Two years later, they showed how far their horizons could reach on 2016'€™s majestically expansive Black Peak, named after a mountain top in Crete. Just 15 well-toured months later, the duo'€™s exploratory instincts drive them further onwards still on their third album, Mother, released via Bella Union and named to denote "new life."

As Xylouris puts it, "€œMother is the extension of Goats and Black Peak. Three things, all part of a whole. Goats are mothers, Zeus was raised on Amaltheia'€™s milk, Black Peak is Mother Earth... Mother Earth is the mother of everything."

- CD

1. In Media Res
2. Only Love
3. Motorcycle Kondilies
4. Spud'€™s Garden
5. Daphne
6. Achilles Heel
7. Woman From Anogeia
8. Call And Response
9. Lullaby