The Shins - The Worms Heart (LP)

The Worms Heart
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When James Mercer was recording his latest Shins LP Heartworms, as a creative exercise he decided to re-record the songs in the opposite way of the originals. Songs that were more rock and uptempo became more acoustic and slow, and songs that were acoustic and slow in tempo became more upbeat. They were flipped. The result of those sessions he calls, The Worms Heart.
Mercer'€™s ability to create two totally divergent albums from the same underlying compositions not only highlights his immense capability as a songwriter, but also functions as a reminder of what it means to be an artist, how an artist acts as both the master and facilitator of his artistic product.

- LP

1. The Fear
2. So Now What
3. Heartworms
4. Dead Alive
5. Half a Million
6. Rubber Ballz
7. Mildenhall
8. Fantasy Island
9. Cherry Hearts
10. Painting a Hole
11. Name For You