The KVB - Always Then (LP)

Always Then
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Always Then is the debut album of The KVB, originally released in 2012 on Clan Destine Records. It was written and recorded in 2011 on a Fostex tape machine by Nicholas Wood, with Kat Day joining him to form a duo later that year.  

This anniversary edition supplements the record with four brand new reworked and re-recorded songs from the original album as well as new artwork.

- LP
- Includes download

1. Captives
2. Waiting For The Fall
3. Hands
4. Leaning
5. Here It Comes
6. Until I'm Cold
7. Always Then
8. Boots
9. Dreams
10. The Truth
11. Captives (2017 Version)
12. Here It Comes (2017 Version)
13. Always Then (2017 Version)
14. Hands (2017 Version)