Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Wrong Creatures (CD)

Wrong Creatures
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Wrong Creatures returns to the core of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's alchemy, yet plunges the knife in even further. From the Cave-esque murder balladry of Haunt to the garage punk of Little Thing Gone Wild, it runs the gamut allowing the band to flex every muscle in their armour. They remain opaque about the songs'€™ greater meanings, fearful of past misunderstandings. "€œI find myself writing about death a lot,"€ says Hayes. "€œI find myself having a discussion with death, which sounds dark. For me , it'€™s dark humour." Talking about mortality allows Hayes to explore life'€™s great mistakes and regrets. Channelling them through rolling riffs and dirge-laden rhythms that stir the pot before reaching boiling point.  

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1. DFF
2. Spook
3. King of Bones
4. Haunt
5. Echo
6. Ninth Configuration
7. Question of Faith
8. Calling Them All Away
9. Little Thing Gone Wild
10. Circus Bazooko
11. Carried From The Start
12. All Rise