Field Music - Open Here [Transparent Vinyl] (LP)

Open Here [Transparent Vinyl]
Due on 02/02/2018
One of the North East's most acclaimed outfits, David and Peter Brewis return in 2018 with their seventh full-length album, Open Here. Arriving almost exactly two years on from the much celebrated Commontime, the new record promises to be another exciting addition to one of the most colourful and unique catalogues British music has to offer.

David Brewis explains, "where Commontime felt like a distillation of all of the elements that make up Field Music, this feels like an expansion; as if we’re pushing in every direction at once to see how far we can go."

This limited edition LP format is pressed on transparent vinyl, and is only available through independent shops such as ourselves.

- Exclusive to independent retailers.
- Vinyl LP.
- Transparent vinyl.

1. Time In Joy
2. Count It Up
3. Front Of House
4. Share A Pillow
5. Open Here
6. Goodbye To The Country
7. Checking On A Message
8. No King No Princess
9. Cameraman
10. Daylight Saving
11. Find A Way To Keep Me