Fever Ray - Plunge (LP)

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Plunge is Karin Dreijer second Fever Ray record, and the long awaited follow-up to her widely admired 2009 debut. The LP was largely recorded in Dreijer'€™s Stockholm studio in collaboration with the producers Paula Temple, Deena Abdelwahed, NÍDIA, Tami T, Peder Mannerfelt and Johannes Berglund.

- LP
- 180g vinyl
- Includes poster
- Includes download

1. Wanna Sip
2. Mustn't Hurry
3. A Part of Us (feat. Tami T)
4. Falling
5. IDK About You
6. This Country
7. Plunge
8. To the Moon and Back
9. Red Trails
10. An Itch
11. Mama's Hand