Brian Eno - Before and After Science (LP)

Before and After Science
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Released in 1977, Before and After Science is the fifth studio album from Brian Eno. Widely hailed as a classic, the record marks Eno's last foray into rock music for the 1970s as a solo artist, with all his remaining albums of the decade showcasing more of Eno's avant-garde and ambient music, which is hinted at on the second half of the LP.

- Vinyl LP.
- 180g vinyl.
- Includes download.

1. No One Receiving   
2. Backwater   
3. Kurt's Rejoinder   
4. Energy Fools the Magician   
5. King's Lead Hat   
6. Here He Comes   
7. Julie With...   
8. By This River   
9. Through Hollow Lands   
10. Spider and I