Alex Heffes - Earth: One Amazing Day [Blue and Green Vinyl] (LP)

Earth: One Amazing Day [Blue and Green Vinyl]
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A landmark in cinematic wildlife filmmaking, Earth: One Amazing Day dramatically brings to life the crucial role the sun plays in shaping the destinies of lifeforms on the planet, including ourselves. It's a spectacular vision of the rhythms of day and night and how a relationship with the sun binds every species together.

The score is produced by Alex Heffes, one of film world'€™s most exciting composers, with credits such as Touching the Void, The Last King of Scotland and Queen of Katwe.

This limited edition gatefold double-LP is pressed on blue and green translucent vinyl.

- Vinyl LP.
- 2LP.
- Blue and green translucent vinyl.
- Gatefold sleeve.

1. Earth
2. Sunrise
3. Serval
4. Iguanas vs. Snakes
5. Waltz of the Flowers
6. Baby Panda
7. Cloud Building
8. Zebra River Crossing
9. Narwhales
10. Brown Bears
11. Sleepy Lions
12. Giraff€e Battle
13. Sand Dunes
14. Sperm Whales
15. Sloth Story
16. Penguin Colony
17. Penguin Raiders Return
18. Penguins Reunited
19. Racket Tailed Hummingbird
20. Field Mouse
21. Mayfl‚ies
22. Zebra Survives Another Day
23. White Headed Langurs
24. Creatures of the Night
25. Click Beetle
26. Bioluminescence
27. Night Sky
28. Firefl‚ies
29. Another Ordinary Day
30. End Credits