Frank Turner - Songbook (LP)

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With Songbook, Frank Turner provides a superb retrospective of his illustrious career thus far. The 3LP set includes the highlights from all six of his studio albums, as well as new Songbook versions which take the form of acoustic and reimagined versions of classic tracks. The release also includes a brand new track, There She Is.

- Vinyl LP.
- 3LP.

1. Four Simple Words
2. I Still Believe
3. The Next Storm
4. Recovery
5. The Road _ Songbook Version
6. Long Live The Queen
7. Glorious You
8. Plain Sailing Weather
9. I Knew Prufrock Before He Got Famous
10. Wessex Boy
11. The Opening Act Of Spring
12. Polaroid Picture
13. Mittens
14. If Ever I Stray
15. The Way I Tend To Be
16. The Ballad Of Me and My Friends
17. Photosynthesis
18. Get Better
19. There She Is
20. Photosynthesis (Songbook Version)
21. The Way I Tend to Be (Songbook Version)
22. Glorious You (Songbook Version)
23. Josephine (Songbook Version)
24. Polaroid Picture (Songbook Version)
25. Love 40 Down (Songbook Version)
26. I Am Disappeared (Songbook Version)
27. Broken Piano (Songbook Version)
28. Long Live the Queen (Songbook Version)
29. The Ballad of Me and My Friends (Songbook Version)