Alpha Wann - Alph Lauren 2 (CD)

Alph Lauren 2
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Born in Paris, Alpha Wann is a French rapper coming from an emerging Parisian scene completely reviving French hip hop, with L'€™Entourage and his own 1995 collectives as leading figures. After releasing two EPs, and a full length with 1995, 2014 saw him emerge with his own critically acclaimed solo debut, Alph Lauren. Sure to burgeon his reputation both at home and abroad, this follow-up further cements his reputation among the hottest MCs on the French hip hop scene.

1. Protocole
2. 1,2,3
3. Sous Marin
4. A Deux Pas (Feat. Nekfeu)
5. Barcelone
6. Lunettes Noires (Feat. S-Pri Noir)
7. Vortex
8. Alph Lauren