Black Sabbath - The Ten Year War [8LP/7"]

The Ten Year War [8LP/7
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The Ten Year War box set celebrates the initial decade-long run in which Black Sabbath were fronted by Ozzy Osbourne - perhaps the most legendary succession of records in the history of heavy metal.

Presented in a lift-off lid box, the package presents the group'€™s first eight studio albums (each remastered by renowned engineer Andy Pearce) on splatter-coloured vinyl, as well as two 7"€™ singles. A crucifix-shaped USB stick is also included, which can be worn around the neck and contains MQA high definition audio of all eight albums.

Together with the audio, the set includes The Ten Year War brochure, reproduced from the original publication and a hardback book featuring accolades from the cream of rock royalty coupled with photography of the band during their 1970s tours, recording sessions and photoshoots. Also included are a reproduced Tenth Anniversary World Tour 1978 Official Programme and the tour poster from the 1972 Seattle Centre Arena show.

- Box set.
- 8LP / 7"€.
- Splatter coloured vinyl.
- 180g vinyl.
- Includes USB stick, book, brochure, poster and programme.

1. Black Sabbath [LP]
2. Paranoid [LP]
3. Master of Reality [LP]
4. Vol. 4 [LP]
5. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath [LP]
6. Sabotage [LP]
7. Technical Ecstasy [LP]
8. Never Say Die! [LP]
9. Evil Woman, Don'€™t Play Your Games With Me / Black Sabbath [7"€]
10. Paranoid / The Wizard [7"€]