Lion - You've Got a Woman (7" Single)

You've Got a Woman
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Lion - and the mean ecstasy of You'€™ve Got a Woman, the B-side to their sole release - comprise a rare burst of psychedelic-Western soul from two names best known for Dutch progressive rock and new wave. Drummer Peter de Leeuwe, departing from the symphonic leanings of Dutch prog-fixtures Ekseption, penned it in 1975, layering syncopated explosions of hand-claps, vibraslap and slick drumwork with neutron-star density, with super-producer Hans van Hemert nearly bursting Glenn Robles'€™ vocals through the fore.

The Shoes Subtle Edit provides exactly that, gently teasing the organ- and requintohinted contours of the track to better suit the treasure within. Chicago-based septet Whitney have brought some attention to You'€™ve Got a Woman with a recent cover, and the faith with which they recreate much of the original instrumentation proves the extent of Lion’s accomplishment.

- 7"€ single.

1. You'€™ve Got a Woman
2. You've Got a Woman (Shoes Subtle Edit)