Anthony Phillips - Invisible Men [Deluxe] (CD)

Invisible Men [Deluxe]
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1983's Invisible Men was a song based album which saw former Genesis man Anthony Phillips collaborate with Richard Scott.

This new deluxe edition features a newly remastered original stereo mix of the album and an additional CD of 16 previously unreleased demos and material recorded during the period Invisible Men was recorded.

CD 1:
1. Golden Bodies
2. The Women Were Watching
3. Traces
4. Exocet
5. Love in a Hot Air Balloon
6. Going for Broke
7. Falling for Love
8. Sally
9. I Want Your Heart
10. Guru
11. It's Not Easy
12. My Time Has Come
13. Trail of Tears
14. The Ballad of Penlee
15. Alex (Atmosphere Studios Version)

CD 2:
1. Gimme Love
2. Falling for Love (Alternate Version)
3. My Time Has Come (Instrumental Mix)
4. Golden Bodies (Demo)
5. Mysterious Constitution of Comets
6. She's Gone
7. Graciella
8. Over and Over Again
9. Tonight
10. Alien
11. Refugee from Love
12. Something Blue
13. Holding You Again
14. Darling
15. Shadow in the Desert
16. Finale (Atmosphere Studios Version)