Tim Buckley - Look at the Fool (CD)

Look at the Fool
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Look at the Fool, the ninth and final studio album to be released by Tim Buckley in his lifetime (the album was released in November 1974, and Buckley was to die from a drug overdose on 29 June 1975, aged only 28), is seen by some as the last in a trio of 'sex-funk' releases. He'd begun this trilogy with Greetings From LA, and followed it with Sefronia.

1. Look At The Fool
2. Bring It On Up
3. Helpless
4. Freeway Blues
5. Tijuana Moon
6. Ain't It Peculiar
7. Who Could Deny You
8. Mexicali Voodoo
9. Down In The Street
10. Wanda Lu