Tim Buckley - Sefronia (CD)

Ships In 2/3 Days
Released in May 1973, Sefronia was Tim Buckley's eighth album, and followed the critically successful Greetings From LA. It features his studio version of Fred Neil's Dolphins, a song he had originally performed in London in 1968, captured on the Dream Letter live album. Also featured are three co-writes with his original collaborator Larry Beckett, and a cover of Tom Waits' Martha.

1. Dolphins
2. Honey Man
3. Because Of You
4. Peanut Man
5. Martha
6. Quicksand
7. I Know I'd Recognize Your Face
8. Stone In Love
9. Sefronia - After Asklepiades, After Kafka
10. Sefronia - The King's Chain
11. Sally Go 'Round The Roses