Pale Seas - Stargazing For Beginners (CD)

Stargazing For Beginners
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Tipped by many to become one of the most exciting and unique British guitar bands of the decade, Pale Seas, on the eve of the release of a long-anticipated debut album, simply disappeared. No hiatus announcement, no press release, nothing. For the following three years the band emitted no signal, instead embarking upon a period of prolonged isolation, rejecting the industry and the outside world to hole themselves away inside a medieval abbey in most remote Isle of Wight.

To capture their expansive sound and enhance it further, the band enlisted the help of producers Chris Potter (The Verve, Urban Hymns) and Paul Butler (Michael Kiwanuka, Devendra Banhart & The Bees), with whom the band had begun their journey five years previously.Now, the record is finally seeing the light of day. This limited edition comes with a photographic art book, and is only available through independent shops such as ourselves.

1. Into The Night
2. My Own Mind
3. Someday
4. In A Past Life
5. Blood Return
6. Bodies
7. Stargazing for Beginners
8. Animal Tongue
9. Heal Slow
10. Evil Is Always One Step Behind