Four Tet - New Energy (LP)

New Energy
New Energy is Four Tet's ninth full-length and the follow-up to 2015's hugely acclaimed Morning/Evening.

Kieran Hebden has kept busy in the years since Morning/Evening, remixing various artists (including the xx, A$AP Rocky, Oneohtrix Point Never) and also issuing a compilation called Randoms, featuring tracks that he submitted for various different compilations over the course of his career. Most recently, he shared the tracks Planet and SW9 9SL, both of which are on the tracklist for the new album.

1. Alap
2. Two Thousand and Seventeen
3. LA Trance
4. Tremper
5. Lush
6. Scientists
7. Falls 2
8. You Are Loved
9. SW9 9SL 10
10. Midi
11. Memories
12. Daughter
13. Gentle Soul
14. Planet