Tim Buckley - Dream Letter (LP)

Dream Letter
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Tim Buckley possessed a golden voice that spanned the range from baritone to tenor. More importantly, he knew what to do with it. Sometimes he used it simply as a vehicle to carry the lyrics. Other times he used it as an extraordinary musical instrument in its own right.

Recorded in London's Queen Elizabeth Hall on 10 July 1968, this live album is a two hour gem. It showcases five songs from Goodbye And Hello, three songs from Happy Sad, one song that later appeared on Blue Afternoon, and another that was recorded much later on Sefronia. It also contains six pieces that were never recorded elsewhere - The Troubadour, I've Been Out Walking, Who Do You Love, The Earth is Broken, Wayfaring Stranger and Carnival Song / Hi-Lili Hi-Lo. Buckley was accompanied by his guitarist Lee Underwood and vibraphone player David Friedman, along with Pentangle's Danny Thompson on bass, hired for the occasion.

1. Introduction
2. Buzzin' Fly
3. Phantasmagoria In Two
4. Morning Glory
5. Dolphins
6. I've Been Out Walking
7. The Earth Is Broken"
8. Who Do You Love
9. Pleasant Street / You Keep Me Hanging On
10. Love From Room 109 At The Islander / Strange Feelin'
11. Carnival Song / Hi - Lili, Hi
12. Hallucinations
13. The Troubadour
14. Dream Letter / Happy Time
15. Wayfaring Stranger / You Got Me Running
16. Once I Was