The Clientele - Music For the Age of Miracles (LP)

Music For the Age of Miracles
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The Clientele return in 2017 with Music for the Age of Miracles, their first new music since 2010's Minotaur EP .

There's something rapturous about the ways in which tracks on side one such as Falling Asleep (featuring the Santoor) and the exquisite Everything You See Tonight Is Different From Itself stretch out in choral harmony and rhythmic syncopation. Leon Beckenham's trumpet solo on the latter is a highlight of the record, as is the way the words "ballerina, breathe" reappear at the three-minute mark. Similarly, Keen's beautifully evocative interludes Lyra in April, Lyra in October, and North Circular Days, the last of these featuring a recording of the wind captured outside the late filmmaker Derek Jarman's house in Dungeness on the Kent coast, mean this album sounds subtly but significantly different from previous ones.

1. The Neighbour
2. Lyra in April
3. Lunar Days
4. Falling Asleep
5. Everything You See Tonight Is Different From Itself
6. Lyra In October
7. Everyone You Meet
8. The Circus
9. Constellations Echo Lanes
10. The Museum Of Fog
11. North Circular Days
12. The Age Of Miracles