Sex Pistols - More Product (CD)

More Product
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Some Product was a compilation of 1976-1978 Sex Pistols radio interviews released as an album in 1979. This reissue has been expanded into a three-disc set with the addition of the BBC Radio 1 Rock On interview from 1977 and two further previously unreleased Radio Forth & Radio Metro interviews from 1977.

CD 1:
1. The Very Name 'Sex Pistols'
2. From Beyond The Grave
3. Big Tits Across America
4. The Complex World Of John Rotten
5. Sex Pistols Will Play
6. Is The Queen A Moron?
7. The Fucking Rotter

CD 2:
1. BBC Radio 1 - Rock On

CD 3:
1. Radio Metro Interview
2. Radio Forth Interview