Actress X London Contemporary Orchestra - Audio Track 5 (12" Single)

Audio Track 5
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Producer Darren Cunningham - aka Actress - is joined by the London Contemporary Orchestra on this new EP, premiering new material as well as expanded arrangements of their dark and brooding electronica. Showcased last year at The Barbican Centre London and Strelka Institute Moscow and in conjunction with Boiler Room, the 12"€ - named simply Audio Track 5 - serves as an introduction to a larger body which will be released as both an album and performance piece.

In this new collaboration, commissioned and curated by Boiler Room, the London Contemporary Orchestra bring a new dimension to Cunningham'€™s choice of sounds. With the producer in effect using them as a new instrument, matching his electronic loops with precise manipulation of their acoustic instruments, together they form a heightened kind of chamber music.

1. Audio Track 5
2. Audio Track 5 ( - 6 Version)
3. Audio Track 5 (Narrowest Sustain Version)