The Clash - 5 Studio Albums Box Set (CD Box Set)

5 Studio Albums Box Set
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One of the greatest and most influential catalogues in punk - or indeed any genre - the work of The Clash is celebrated in style on this five album, 8CD box set. Featuring every full-length the group recorded with Joe Strummer at the helm, beginning with their furious and iconic self-titled debut and concluding with the commercial triumph of Combat Rock.

Each record has been remastered by Mick Jones. Discussing the process, the guitarist says: “the concept of the whole thing is best box set ever. Re-mastering's a really amazing thing. That was the musical point of it all, because there's so much there that you wouldn't have heard before. It was like discovering stuff, because the advances in mastering are so immense since the last time [the Clash catalogue] was remastered in the 90s."
Albums Included:

1: The Clash (Original UK version)
2: Give 'Em Enough Rope
3: London Calling
4: Sandinista!
5: Combat Rock