Warm Digits - Wireless World (LP)

Wireless World
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Warm Digits - aka Newcastle based Andrew Hodson and Steve Jefferis - return with their third album, Wireless World.

For their new recording, the band have sharpened up the elements of their sound for a set of crisp, propulsive and melodically rich songs and, for the first time, have collaborated with some of their favourite vocalists: Peter Brewis of Field Music, Sarah Cracknell of Saint Etienne, Devon Sproule and Mia La Metta of Beards.

Wireless World€™ is loosely themed around a present-day that teeters between progress and collapse. The band explain, "€œOur experience of the world and our states of mind are shaped and thrilled by unimaginably exciting leaps in technology, and yet that world will only last for a few moments as we fail to find a way to act collectively on rising temperatures, the failures of democracy and the unstoppable hunger for exploitation of the ground under our feet. This record is our attempt to make music from our experience of this present that teeters between celebration and devastation."

1. Two to Four Degrees
2. End Times (feat. Field Music)
3. Wireless World
4. Always On
5. Better Friction (feat. Mia La Metta)
6. Victims of Geology
7. Growth of Raindrops (feat. Sarah Cracknell)
8. Deluge and Delusion
9. Fracking Blackpool
10. The Rumble and the Tremor (feat. Devon Sproule)
11. Mute Ocean
12. Swallow the City