The Cribs - 24-7 Rock Star Shit (LP)

24-7 Rock Star Shit
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The Cribs return in August with their seventh album, 24-7 Rock Star Shit! Recorded live to tape in just five days by venerated underground engineer Steve Albini (Nirvana, Shellac, Pixies), the record marks a return to the band's early roots with its raw, rough-around-the-edges approach and sonic aggression.

Originally conceived during recording sessions for the bands fifth album, In the Belly of the Brazen Bull, these recordings were elevated to quasi-mythical status amongst the band's famously dedicated fanbase, with excitement building for a "punk album" flipside to 2015's more pop-leaning For All My Sisters. Originally intended as an EP, once sessions were completed the band found that they had recorded enough material for an album, and decided it should be released that way instead.

1. Give Good Time
2. Year of Hate
3. In Your Palace
4. Dendrophobia
5. What Have You Done for Me?
6. Sticks Not Twigs
7. Rainbow Ridge
8. Partisan
9. Dead at the Wheel
10. Broken Arrow