10cc - During After: The Best Of 10cc (CD)

During After: The Best Of 10cc
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During After: The Best of 10cc is a new compilation, curated with input from the band.

The collection starts with During: The Best of 10cc 1972 - 1978, which captures the band at their commercial peak with some of their biggest hits including I'€™m Not in Love and The Things We Do For Love. After: The Post 10cc Years, meanwhile, is a collection of the very best tracks that came following their split, hand-picked by members of the band. It includes music from Godley and Creme, Graham Gouldman'€™s Wax, Paul McCartney (with whom Eric Stewart co-wrote) and from Lol Creme'€™s period in The Art Of Noise.

CD 1:
1. Rubber Bullets
2. Donna
3. Silly Love
4. The Dean And I
5. Life Is a Minestrone
6. The Wall Street Shuffle
7. Art for Art's Sake
8. I'm Mandy Fly Me
9. Good Morning Judge
10. The Things We Do for Love
11. Dreadlock Holiday
12. I'm Not in Love

CD 2:
1. Godley and Creme - Under Your Thumb
2. Godley and Creme - An Englishman In New York
3. Godley and Creme - Cry
4. Godley and Creme - Wedding Bells
5. Graham Gouldman - Sunburn
6. Wax - Bridge to Your Heart
7. Wax - Right Between the Eyes
8. Eric Stewart - The Ritual Parts 1
9. Paul McCartney - Pretty Little Head
10. Art of Noise - Metaphor on The Floor (Plan 138): (Mix by Ollie J)
11. Art of Noise - Metaphor on The Floor
12. GG06 - Hooligan Crane
13. GG06 - Son of Man
14. Kevin Godley - Confessions
15. Kevin Godley / Luke Mornay - Expecting A Message
16. Producers - Man on The Moon
17. Producers - Every Single Night in Jamaica