Alexandra Burke - Heartbreak on Hold (CD)

Heartbreak on Hold
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Released in 2012, Heartbreak on Hold is the second studio album from 2008 X Factor winner Alexandra Burke. Originally expected in summer 2011, the original album was shelved as Burke parted ways with record label Syco, with whom she had been signed since winning The X Factor, in favour of RCA. This transition also led to a distinct change in musical direction for the album, with the R&B influences of her debut album being replaced with more dance-orientated production.

1. Heartbreak on Hold
2. Elephant
3. Let It Go
4. This Love Will Survive
5. Fire
6. Between the Sheets
7. Daylight Robbery
8. Tonight
9. Love You That Much
10. Oh La La
11. Sitting on Top of the World
12. What Money Can't Buy