Ayub Ogada - En Mana Kuoyo (LP)

En Mana Kuoyo
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Since its initial release in 1993, En Mana Kuoyo has become the stuff of world music legend. The album's ten songs present a spacious, acoustic side of African music, one subtly imbued with modern sensibility. The production was ahead of its time in its simplicity, and it made a sharp contrast with the ever more elaborate, technically complex African music productions of its era. Simply backing himself on an East African lyre called a nyatiti, this record introduced Ayub as a performer of great charm.

1. Obiero       
2. Dala       
3. Wa Winjigo Ero       
4. Thum Nyatiti       
5. Kronkronhinko       
6. Chiro       
7. 0.1       
8. Ondiek       
9. Kothbiro       
10. En Mana Kuoyo